Loose Button: Fall 2012 Luxe Box Unboxing

Hello my pretties.  So I finally received my fall Luxe Box!  I literally bolted to the door when I heard the postman ring the doorbell.  I skipped Julep Maven this month so I’ve been suuuuper antsy waiting for this box (I love getting goodies in the mail), especially since I haven’t gotten one for a few months since they switched it from monthly to quarterly.  Ok, straight to the pictures!

Oooh, the box is a different shape than the old boxes.

Unboxing the box, we find a second box. This one is super gorgeous. Heavy white paperboard with a little gold Loose Button logo. This box is a huge improvement over the old Luxe Boxes, which were made with flimsy card paper and pretty much useless because they were too small to store anything.

A little envelope sits on top of the contents which were wrapped in a little satiny square of white cloth.

So pretty! The other side of the envelope is sealed with a monogrammed gold foil sticker. I suuuuper cautiously peeled it so I wouldn’t wreck the sticker (even though I’ll probably end up tossing the envelope in the recycling in a few days :p)

The envelope had a card inside that lists everything in the fall Luxe Box.

So many goodies inside!

Everything inside all laid out! I’ll post the samples in order of what I’m most excited about receiving to least excited about.

Marcelle BB Cream (full size!). I was soo happy when I saw this sample! It’s perfect because I’ve been meaning to buy one. I was using Estee Lauder’s BB cream before but it’s so pricy, so it was awesome seeing this in my box! I tried it and already love it.

Benefit Stay Don’t Stray eyeshadow primer. Yay, more stuff that I’ve been meaning to buy! I’ve been wanting an eyeshadow primer. I tried this right away too, and love it too. It’s a small sample but I feel like it’ll last a long time because you only need to use a tiny tiny bit each time.

KMS Free Shape Quick Blow Dry. So excited to use this! I have really long hair so I hate blow drying because it takes foreevvvveerrrr. I really hope this works because if it does I’m definitely stocking up on it. I am the worst at waking up on time so anything that helps me save time in the morning is awesome in my books.  It’s a really good sized sample too that should last quite a while.

Vichy Proeven Daily Dark Spot Corrector (x6).  These came out of one of the brown card pouches.  Okay, the packaging is pretty cheapy looking because I feel like I could get these little packets from any drugstore, but at least they included six of them so they should last for a couple of weeks. I have tons of freckles on my face I’d love to get rid of so I hope these work!

China Glaze On Safari (Fall collection) Nail Laquer in “Adventure Red-y” (full size). I love nail polish, but I really have too much of it so I wasn’t super stoked to see this in my box. The colour is kind of cool though, I have tons of reds but this one is a darker vampy shade of red, a bit darker than in the picture. I’ll get around to using it eventually.

Loose Button Exfoliating Pad. This came out of the other little brown card pouch. The other side has an elastic attached so it stays on your hand. This seems like a pretty lame excuse for a “sample” but I am in need of a new loofah type thing so at least this will come in handy. But really, this is a pretty lame sample.

Prada Amber Pour Homme. This sample I’m least excited about because it’s not for me haha. I took the opportunity to swap out the perfume sample I would have gotten for a men’s cologne because I have way too much perfume already and in the past, the perfume samples Luxe Box sent me were the tiny sample vials you can easily pick up at any department store. This is a pretty good sized cologne and the bottle is super cute! (I am a sucker for cute minis). Too bad it’s going to my boyfriend.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with this box!  The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, and it definitely lives up to its name of being a very luxe box.  The full size BB cream is definitely what made this box for me, because that alone is worth $23.  I do think that the fact that a house brand exfoliating pad was considered a sample is pretty disappointing however.  The box promised to come with 7-8 samples, and I feel like including the pad as the seventh sample was a pretty lame move.  Still, overall the value is definitely there since I’m paying only $14 a box because I bought a Buytopia deal and there are a lot of samples I’m really excited to try out.

Super excited to receive the next one!  (Too bad it doesn’t come for another 3 months – sob).