NOTD: Mint and Silver Nails

Hi everyone! I’ve been pretty busy with classes lately so I haven’t had time to post (although I have many sitting on the docket), but I wanted to do a quick post to share the nails I did over the Easter weekend. I recently got Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, which I’ve been lemming for aaaages so I had to use it! Here’s what I came up with:


My mint and silver nails!

I absolutely love how these turned out! I used the Essie Sleek Sticks stickers I got in the mail as well as the sheet I pulled out of my Flare magazine to do these. The sleek sticks were super easy to apply, and so far (today is day 3 of my mani) they’res still looking good with no tip wear! I did do a little experiment though and coated the sleek sticks on my left hand with top coat, and left the right hand without, and the side with top coat is holding up a lot better than the side that I didn’t put topcoat on. The silver has kind of rubbed off in some places on my right hand. I found that topcoat smoothed out the sticker too, which I prefer. So tip! Use topcoat when using these Sleek Sticks :)

I also used silver striping tape for the first time however, and that is looking pretty terrible right now with the tape peeling and coming up at the edges :/ You can kind of see it in the pictures.

Essie Beyond Cozy, Essie Mint Candy Apple, and Essie Sleek Sticks sample

Essie Beyond Cozy, Essie Mint Candy Apple, and Essie Sleek Sticks sample

The formula on both polishes was pretty good. I used 3 coats of both polishes, although you could probably get away with just two coats for both. I reaaally like Beyond Cozy, this is going to be my go to accent nail colour from now on. So sparkily! And it’s kind of got the texture of those liquid sand polishes that are becoming so popular right now.

In direct sunlight

In direct sunlight

Another shot

Another shot

What do you think?

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NOTD: Galaxy Nails!

So I finally tried doing galaxy nails for the first time yesterday and was surprised how easy they were! I always thought they would take ages and ages to do but I think I did these in all of 10 minutes excluding drying time.


Galaxy nails!

All the polishes I used

All the polishes I used

It was actually way easier than I imagined. I just randomly dabbed the mint, blue, and purple polishes with a makeup sponge on until they looked the way I wanted them to, then put on a coat of Revlon Galaxy to add some “stars.” I dotted on a few extra white stars after with a paper clip. Love how they turned out!

What do you think?

Glitzology Order and NOTD: Glitzology Boy Girl Party over Nicole Play Fair

Nail mail is the best type of mail

Nail mail is the best type of mail

So a few weeks ago after getting my first Glitzology order (and loving it) I knew I needed more glittery goodness so I made a second order and received it yesterday.  Here’s what I picked up this time:

Crown Royal, Rhinestone Jumpsuit, Cupid's Arrow, and Boy Girl Party

Crown Royal, Rhinestone Jumpsuit, Cupid’s Arrow, and Boy Girl Party

The polishes again in the same order but from the back so you can see all the glittery amazingness

The polishes again in the same order but from the back so you can see all the glittery amazingness

It took a bit longer this time to get my polishes but the wait was worth it! Right away I did my nails with Boy Girl Party, which is the one I was most excited to receive.

Glitzology Boy Girl Party over Nicole Play Fair

Application was kinda tricky because it’s such a densely packed glitter but I really liked the end result! I love all the random shapes of the blue glitters coupled with the pink hexes and white bars.  The picture doesn’t do this polish justice!

If you’re interested, I think she has a 50% off sale on her polishes going on right now if you use the code “SINGLEANDHAPPY” :)

Which indie polishes would you recommend?

Glitzology Order and NOTD: Glitzology Cruella and Julep Susie

So a few weeks ago I made an order from Glitzology’s Etsy shop (looove everything in there) when she was doing a 50% off promo and got the package a few days ago.  It’s my first indie polish order – I love how glittery they are! I ordered 4 mini’s (5mL) with shipping for around $10 and have been itching to use them ever since I placed the order!

Glitzology "Nebula", "Cotton Candy", "Blue Lagoon", and "Cruella"

Glitzology “Nebula”, “Cotton Candy”, “Blue Lagoon”, and “Cruella”

Here's another shot of them from the back in the same order so you can see how gorgeous and glittery they are!

Here’s another shot of them from the back in the same order so you can see how gorgeous and glittery they are!

Anyways, I made a new years resolution this year to try to do my nails once a week to start getting through my ever-surmounting pile of nail polish, so here’s what I did today (I’ve got a bunch from the last few Friday’s of this month, I’ll get around to posting them soon!):

Nails using Glitzology "Cruella" and Juelp "Susie"

Nails using Glitzology “Cruella” and Juelp “Susie”

Cruella was the one I’d been wanting to try the most because of how similar it looks to Lynderella’s “Connect the Dots”, which I’ve always wanted but could never justify buying.  I really love the way this looks on top of Julep’s “Susie”!  I used 2 coats of Susie and one coat of Cruella, followed by a coat of Seche Vite.  Love the way this turned out!

I’m really loving indie polishes right now and thinking to add more to my collection, especially since Glitzology is having another 50% off promo… But I’ll try to resist (at least until I get through all of these!)

What are your favourite indie polishes?


Julep Maven July It Girl Review


(Squeal) I love seeing this box waiting on my doorstep :)

Hellooooo! So I finally got my July box a few days ago after hoping and wishing it’d come ever since I switched my box for it.  I’d just done my nails a few days before so I couldn’t try out the polishes right away but around midnight last night I decided I couldn’t wait any longer to use them.

Here’s some unboxing pics (my favourite part of getting these boxes is probably the excitement and surprise of opening them ha):


Super cute wrapping inside! It’s supposed to be Canada Day themed but it’s a a little too American with the stars on the tissue paper mefinks. I bet you anything they probably had blue confetti for the US customers and took it out for all the Canadians :p The fireball candies (same flavour as those spicy cinnamon hearts you always get for Valentines day in elementary school) were a cute touch :)

My It Girl box! I switched to this box this month because 1) I have too much lipgloss, which all the other boxes included instead of an extra polish, and 2) I couldn’t resist the seafoam green polish. Oh and 3) I’m pretty much a sucker for anything sparkily.

From left to right: “Kate” a pearly white, “Daphne” seafoam green cream, “Mila” a “charcoal multi coloured glitter”, and “Oh Canada” iridescent and red glitter, which was freebie for this month. Normally $14 each x 4 = $56. Not bad for $20.


Daphne, the seafoam green, was basically the reason I picked this box so I had to try it out first.

Daphne with a few coats of Nicole by OPI’s “Make U Smile” (from their JBiebz line… which I totally got from Claires. Please don’t judge me).  Sorry it’s super hard to focus because of the glitter.

As always, super great formula that goes on opaque pretty much in one coat.  I used 2 coats in the above picture, with a few swipes of glitter topcoat, followed by some OPI topcoat.   Super happy with this box!  I wasn’t so happy with the June box which is why I haven’t bothered posting a review yet but maybe I’ll do that sometime this week too.

Julep’s still offering an intro Maven box for 1 cent if you’re interesting in signing up (you can always unsubscribe) if you enter “PENNY” or “COLOR2012” at the checkout after picking out which box you want at :)