Topbox April 2013 Regular Box Unboxing

Woohoo! I am loving that Topbox is shipping from Vancouver now. It was sent out yesterday and I just received it. This month’s Prive options were Elizabeth Arden and Aveda, which both did not appeal to me so I opted for a regular box. Here’s what I got:

Oooh, what could be inside?

Oooh, what could be inside?

Topbox April 2013 - KMS Quick Blow Dry, Elizabeth Arden Makeup Remover, Michael Todd Jojoba Facial Scrub, Boxx Cosmetics Travel Foundation Brush

Topbox April 2013 – KMS Quick Blow Dry, Elizabeth Arden Makeup Remover, Michael Todd Jojoba Facial Scrub, Boxx Cosmetics Travel Foundation Brush

KMS California Freeshape Quick Blow Dry – 30mL ($2.81) Aw man, this is a dupe for me. I got this in my December box I believe. I didn’t particularly like it as I don’t feel like it made any difference in how long it took me to dry my hair.

Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover – 50mL ($12) Hm, this isn’t overly exciting. The reason I didn’t pick the Elizabeth Arden prive box was because of the fact that makeup remover was one of the products that I didn’t want to be receiving more of, because I already have so many sample bottles from various boxes and GWPs. I guess it’ll be nice to try out eventually though, I’ve never used this before.

Michael Todd True Organics Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub – 30mL ($5.40) I’m happy to be receiving this! The full size is only 100mL, so this is a pretty generously sized sample. I’ve never tried a charcoal mask/face wash but have always wanted to so this will definitely be used soon!

Boxx Cosmetics Travel Size Foundation Brush – Full Size ($28) Wow, I can’t believe this brush retails for so much! I already have a foundation brush, but I’ll try this one out to see how it compares.

Total value: $48.21

The product card

The product card

Overall, I’m glad I chose the regular box over the Prive boxes. There’s something just so fun about getting surprises in the mail. I’m a little annoyed that I’m getting a dupe though, since Topbox promises to never send duplicates so I will be emailing about that.

What did you get in yours?

UPDATE: Rats, I realized that I got the KMS in my Winter Luxe Box, not Topbox. Oh well!


9 thoughts on “Topbox April 2013 Regular Box Unboxing

  1. Oh gosh, Id love to get the foundation brush! Im so scared of my box because there are so many variations :( If I get the lip brush Ill cry lol. Oh no! You got the KMS before? I got it too and Im scared they are going to send it again on purpose because Its my last month.

    • Oh no! I hope they don’t send it to you then :( Haha, yeah I’m glad I at least got a bigger brush. I’ll cross my fingers for you! Hopefully you get the Cake :D

  2. I think I’m getting my box tomorrow and I’m really excited! I opted for either Elizabeth Arden, Aveda or the regular box – I have no idea what I’ll get! I’m kind of hoping I don’t get the regular box because I also received the Kms product already (not from Topbox!). I’m most intrigued by the facial scrub, it seems really good!

    • Oooh, that’s super exciting! I’ve seen pictures and even though I originally didn’t want the EA box, the foundation compact looks really nice! I haven’t tried the scrub yet but it’s definitely what I was most excited to receive

  3. I got the “made by Cake” handcream.
    It is the cake line that is supposed to be cheaper and for Target Canada :)
    good if ur obsessed with Cake creams….I am not and kind of would have loved a makeup brush.
    My favorite cream brand is Deep Steep it is all natural and can be bought at Vitacost quite cheaply and SkincareRx.

    • Oooh lucky!! I wish I had gotten that instead. Haha I am super obsessed with Cake products. If only we were neighbours, we could have swapped :p Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll have to look into those two products!

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