Juelp Maven February 2013 Bombshell Box

Ok, this is (really) late, but I still wanted to show you all my February Maven box because it’s the first box I’ve actually not skipped since the summer – it was just too irresistible!

Bombshell box

Julep Maven February Bombshell box! From left to right is an eyelash curler, Laura, Ginger, Oxygen Nail Treatment, and Freedom Top Coat. 

This month’s box came packed with goodies! The product included in each box was the new Oxygen Nail Treatment, and every box got the new Freedom Top Coat as a extra goodie, so I knew I couldn’t pass this month up! They also sent an eyelash curler as a bonus gift, which was totally unexpected but very much appreciated. Missing in the above picture are also two chocolate hearts, which were promptly devoured upon me opening the box so they didn’t make it into the picture… :p

The inside of the box

The Oxygen Nail Treatment and Freedom Top Coat both came inside boxes. I thought having their motto “Shine on.” on the inside of the top flap was the cutest thing.

I guess the good part about me waiting so long to post is that I have had a chance to try most of the polishes in the box. Here are some pics of Ginger, Freedom Top Coat, and the Oxygen Nail Treatment in action.

Julep Ginger

Julep Ginger topped with Julep Freedom Top Coat in natural light

I absolutely LOVE Ginger! It’s such a gorgeous colour, and it’s my first holographic, which is kind of exciting (for me anyways ha). The picture does not do this colour justice at all, it’s the most beautiful understated colour that shifts from a sandy beige to a purpley taupe colour depending on the light, and always full of sparkly holo goodness, especially in natural sunlight. I’m definitely going to be using this colour all the time in the summer once the sun is out.

As for the Freedom Top Coat, I’m somewhat indifferent. The instructions said to cure it under light for 5 minutes, and it definitely did dry within those 5 minutes to a shiny, hard finish. However I don’t think it was anything particularly special. It prevented my polish from chipping for about 4 days, so nothing special there either. Personally I still prefer Seche Vite, but I really do appreciate how Julep’s Freedom Top Coat is 4 free so I will switch to using it once my bottle of Seche Vite runs out.

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment in natural light

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment in natural light

I really like Julep’s Oxygen Nail Treatment! It promises to increase oxygen flow to nails and improve them. The picture above is one coat. It dried super fast, super hard, and super shiny on my nails. I’ve tried it twice now, the first time only for three days, and am currently wearing it now and planning to keep it on for another few days to make this time’s trial one week long. I found that the first time I used it, while I was wearing the treatment my nails felt really strong, but after taking them off I’m not sure if I noticed too much of a difference. But since I’m using it for longer this time maybe the treatment will be more effective.

I’m really happy I took this box! This month was also my one year anniversary as a Maven, so I got an extra 300 points, which was very much appreciated :)

If you’re interested in signing up for Julep’s Maven program, you can use the promo code “FREEBOX” to get your first month for free by taking a style quiz and selecting your profile here


What do you think? Let me know, I love reading your comments!

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