Topbox March 2013 (Regular)

So this morning I woke up to an email from Topbox saying that my Topbox had shipped. Usually they ship on the 10th of the month, and if that so happens to fall on a weekend they don’t ship until the Monday, so I was already happy they were shipping a bit early. Lo and behold I clicked on the tracking number and Canada Post said that my box was already out for delivery! (happy dance). It looks like Topbox shipped from Vancouver this month, so I really hope this keeps up!



This is the first regular Topbox I’ve gotten in a few months, so it was nice having a surprise again in the mail. Here’s what I got:

Topbox March 2013 regular box

Topbox March 2013 regular box

Here’s everything in a little more detail:

Here's the card describing everything

Here’s the card describing everything

Vera Wang Lovestruck Flora Rush

Vera Wang Lovestruck Flora Rush – 4mL ($6.32)

This is the item I’m probably happiest to be receiving in my box. I love Vera Wang’s perfumes and I haven’t tried this one yet, so it was great to receive. The 4mL tube is a pretty generous size and will probably last me forever. I tried it and it’s got a nice light floral scent to start and then fades to a musky scent. It actually reminds me quite a bit of Lancome’s Tresor perfume. My only complaint with this sample is the stopper for the tube – it is SO. HARD. to get off! I wish it had a spray top or roller ball instead, the stopper is wedged in there so tight that I’m terrified it’s going to fly out when I pull on it and have the perfume spill everywhere.

L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil - 3mL x 2 ($1.25)

L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil – 3mL x 2 ($1.25)

This is a nice sample to try out. Oils seem to be all the rage these days so I’m excited to try these. I’m glad they weren’t stingy and gave two of these instead of just one. Each sample looks like it should be enough for two or three uses with my medium length hair.

MaskerAide I Don’t Wanna Grow Up – 23g ($4.99)

I got another MaskerAide mask back in November I think , which was my first Topbox. I’m surprised they sent another, but I guess this one counts as being “different” since it’s a different type of mask. I actually still haven’t used my first mask yet, and doubt I’ll be using this one since this one seems to be for an older demographic (lifting, firming, and softening fine lines aren’t really on my top concerns). Still, it will probably get used eventually since masks are just fun in general.

Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Cream

Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Cream – 25mL ($5.25)

Ok upon seeing my box and reading the product card I was pretty excited about this product. It’s described as being with “Caribbean mango, cocoa butter and warm island aromas.” It sounds so good! But trying a bit out on my hand I was so, so disappointed. The overwhelming scent at first is not some warm tropical scent, but of peppermint. Which makes me think of foot cream. The smell fades into the typical Aveda scent – earthy, herbally, hippie nose cringingness. It is super rich and moisturizing however. Guess I’ve got a new foot cream.

Grand total value for this box: $17.81 – not that great, but I will use almost everything in the box so from a use value it’s good. I think I’m mostly disappointed because last month’s regular Topboxes were so great! Deborah Lippmann, MUFE, ridiculously expensive face cream.. Oh well, I guess it’s all about supply and demand since last month’s prive boxes were so great not many people opted for the regular box, versus this month had less exciting prive options.

What did you think about your Topbox?


8 thoughts on “Topbox March 2013 (Regular)

  1. great blog :)! I havent received mine yet but i think all the younger girls received this type with the love struck perfume! Weird because topbox gave the wrinkle maskeraide too

  2. mine’s coming from north york, as usual. i just got the tracking number today, and also got an email saying they ran out of mythic oil so mine will be substituted (lol… seeing how some people got 2-3, i can see why). CHAOS.

    • Aw, that sucks! I was so stoked to see that mine was shipping from Vancouver. Hope yours comes from there next time too. I’m so curious what the substitute for mythic oil is!!

  3. Don’t worry about missing out on the face cream last month – I was super excited about it as I live in Calgary so my skin’s always dry but it’s too heavy, even for me! I think it’d be better for an older demographic (I’m 32) – it just seemed like too much for me!
    That said, it was nice to get a chance to try out something I’d never be able to justify buying!

    • Hm, ok that does make me feel a bit better :) But like you said – it’s just fun trying out something I’d never be willing to put down the money to purchase haha!

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