MCR (& me) loves XMAS

It’s only November, but really almost feels like Christmas with all the lights up and twinkling in city center.  I set out to explore Manchester’s Christmas Market, which opened last (last?) week tonight with some friends.  It took up all of Albert Square and then some, spilling onto the next block, but it felt so cozy!  Here’s some pictures.

We dropped by Selfridges in Picadilly first... 20% off almost everything today until Sunday!!

The eye is looking gorgeous all lit up

The Christmas Market! It was absolutely packed with people everywhere and the most delicious smells of chocolate, mulled wine, and sausages wafting around wherever you went


I had to force myself not to buy anything here... all the pastries looked so yummy

MCR loves XMAS

The Christmas tree in Albert Square all decked out in its glittering finery

The main entrance to the market. Gorgeous.

The sidestreet that the market stalls spilled onto. We went a bit late (shopping at Selfridges comes first when there's a sale) so the vendors here were already starting to pack up

I didn’t buy anything from the markets, it was just fun to walk around looking at all the different things being sold.  Everything from cheeses, meats, pastries, chocolates, toys, jewellery, purses, and silly knit animal toques.  I am painfully mourning the loss of my luggage space right now from all the stuff I’ve accumulated since I’ve been here and really can’t buy anything more at this point.  I had a really good time though, everything looks so beautiful under twinkling icicle lights, you can’t help but feel content with life.

Time to pack now – off to Paris tomorrow for the weekend!

Au revoir mon amours.



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