the city that stole my heart

As promised, here’s a summary of my weekend in Prague.  I had such an amazing time there, it really took me by surprise because I didn’t know much about Prague, apart from the fact that everyone who I told I’d be going there said it was beautiful.  I left, absolutely in love with the city.  I think what really helped was Debbie had a friend living there, so he acted as our unofficial tourguide for the trip and brought us to the most amazing places.  I could write a short novel about my experiences and the places I saw, so I’ll save you the reading and post some of my favourite pictures.  Unfortunately, my camera battery prematurely sputtered to death so I missed capturing some of the most gorgeous places on Sunday.  Jiri, our “guide”, had a pretty legit DSLR camera though and snapped some amazing pictures so I’ll definitely grab all those and post them as my own once I can get my hands on those (just kidding, it’ll be pretty obvious the HD shots could in no way possibly come from my dinky little point and shoot camera).

Pictures below are in chronological order so you can get a sense of what I did each day!

Wenceslas Square - the first place I saw in Prague; the street is lined with trendy shops, swanky hotels and restaurants

National Museum

we walked around city center and I snapped this picture - no photoshop, promise! such an eclectic mix of stores and cafes in the area. Actually, this might be in front of all the cabarets, I forget ha.

the top of this building reminded me of a faberge egg

such a charming hotel exterior - I would have loved to stay here!

we decided to climb the spiral staircase (which were terrifying! so high and steep with no railing, just an ancient rope running vertically down the centre of the spiral to hold onto) to the top of this tower but half way there was a landing where you had to pay to climb the rest - we are cheap tourists, so no thank you

I think what I loved most especially about Prague is how colourful all the buildings are - coral, pink, orange, yellow, sky blue... even though it was rainy, the buildings brought colour to everywhere I went

I thought this building was too cute! Chapeau Rouge = Red Hat for this adorable red capped building

We went into this gorgeous church, the interior was even more impressive than the sculptures adorning the exterior

a little blurry, but I think this captures the grandeur of the interior

such charming streets

Old Town Square

a carriage on Old Town Square

we went into another church (cathedral? I don't know the difference), this one in Old Town Square

another gorgeous church interior - here's a shot of the chandelier and ceiling

I can imagine this being a lovely lunch spot - if only it hadn't been raining, booo.

another corner of Old Town Square - the colours of the buildings remind me of dainty pastel macarons

the rain didn't stop us, or anyone else from flocking to the square; here's another corner of Old Town Square

the astronomical clock - built in 1410 and the only one in the world still working. It does a charming little show every hour during the day time, where a procession of little dancing figures can be seen in the two windows that open up.

Next up: Jiri brought us to Karstejn castle, built in 1342. We walked up the mountrain, passing by lovely Bohemian houses

the other side of the castle that I could see from the tower I was standing on

the view from the top; no pictures of the interior of the caste - we went on a tour but pictures weren't allowed. This is also the path I had to walk up to get to the castle - yep, that was my exercise for the day.

we then went to a restaurant at the foot of the castle - it felt like Old Country with antlers and boar heads adorning the walls, where I had an amazing lunch of beef, sweet creamed vegetable sauce, and dumplings with cranberries and whipped cream with a Pilsner (beer is cheaper than water in this country). Scrumptious!

Jiri then brought us to a place called "America". We weren't sure what we were getting ourselves into when we went through heavy metal doors into a long, unlit tunnel with only a small square of light at the end...

the other end? America.  It's an old rock quarry that's now used by locals in the summer to swim.  The doors are opened in the morning and only 30 people are allowed inside before they're closed, and once you're in you're there for the day until they open them again at 6pm, unless you climb up and over the rock.

...the other end? America! It's an old rock quarry that's now used by locals in the summer to swim. The doors are opened in the morning and only 30 people are allowed inside before they're closed, and once you're in you're there for the day until they open them again at 6pm, unless you climb up and over the rock. Even though it was something like 7 degrees the water looked so gorgeously blue that I wanted to dip my toes in (...but didn't. I'm not crazy, dur).

the other side of America, where we came from

we watched as the sun set over America

we then returned to city center and walked across Charles Bridge, which was decorated with a continuous line of baroque style statues on both sides

you got an amazing view of Prague castle (top left) and the Old Town areas, all which reflected in the Vltava river below... I can't describe how gorgeous the view was

after walking around admiring the architecture of the city we needed to warm up, so we went to this amazing tea cafe, with a seriously impressive tea menu. I got li zhi cha - it was authentic Chinese tea, delicately flavoured with lychee just what I was craving. The cafe itself was such an experience, it's walls were painted orange and there were daybed like seating areas with embroidered pillows, and shisha pipes everywhere with a lengthy shisha list to choose from. It was very mystical, middle eastern feeling.. I loved it.

walking back to Old Town Square we spotted this makeshift memorial to Steve Jobs in front of the iWorld store - people had left flowers, candles, and apples with a bite taken out. It was really touching.

We then watched the astronomical clock, which was too amazing for words.  My pictures don’t do the show justice, just watch the video below:

afterwards we went to the Tlusta Koala, the Fat Koala pub heehee. I had an amazing dinner of potato pancakes and pork loin with apple and horseradish sauce with a "Pepsi Light". Terrible service from the waitress, but great food.

Whew, this is already quite lengthy, and this is only Friday night and Saturday.  I’ll post pictures from Sunday (there are tons!) another day.  Enjoy these for now!


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    • I actually didn’t feel like we were rushing at all, I think it helped that Prague is very pedestrian friendly and walkable, and Jiri had a car to drive us to all the farther places (:

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