…just kidding.  My hall was rudely awakened this morning around 7am by the fire alarm.  So all of us filed outside and stood in the cold (and I mean cold) for about 20 minutes while they took attendance before finally letting us know it was just a drill and that we could go inside.  One poor girl had been taking a shower when the alarm went off and was soaking wet wearing nothing but a towel in the cold! I felt so bad for her.

The past few days have been fun, lots of orientation events and meeting new people.  Some highlights:  On Saturday Andree-anne and I explored the campus and Fallowfield, and wound up at Revolution for dinner.  The waitress warned us that it would be a half hour wait for food, but our meals came out within 10 minutes of ordering, so I don’t know why she was trying to scare us.

chicken, chorizo, cheese, and bbq sauce toasties with coleslaw and a rocket salad - yum!

Revolution's bar area

Afterwards we met up with Debbie and went to the Jabez Clegg, a pub where the International Society was hosting a world quiz night.  We got there too late to participate in the contest, but we sat with some other girls and racked our brains for the answers, just for fun.  It wound up being a really fun night and we met people from literally all over the world!

Sunday we decided to try out one of the restaurants on the Curry Mile, a stretch of road near my hall that’s pretty much consists of East Asian restaurants.  I love curry, so I’m definitely going to try out all of them before I leave (that’s actually probably impossible, there’s a million restaurants packed into that one block).

chicken briyani with curry sauce - sooo good

the tray of sauces that came with our meal: raita, mango chutney, onions, coleslaw-y stuff, and something that tasted like sweet relish

the interior of Lal Qila

Andree-anne and I then went on a complimentary city coach tour of Manchester, which was provided by the Purple People.  They had a tour guide who narrated our journey, who wasn’t bad.  Here’s some pictures so you get an idea of what went down:

Super long line up to get on the coach! Luckily we'd gotten tickets the day before so we got to skip the line.

The Midland Hotel - famous for being where Mr. Rolls met Mr. Royce

I sat in the window seat and tried to snap as many photos as I could! It's hard in a moving vehicle with grainy windows though

gorgeous windows of Manchester Town Hall

there are references to Dalton, Joule, and Rutherford everywhere in Manchester!

I love the mix of contemporary and modern architecture. In the background is Manchester's tallest building, housing the Hilton hotel. The architect lives on the top floor and has an olive grove.

the architecture all over the city is just gorgeous

we've been warned numerous times that the "black top" cabs (the yellow and black ones in this pic) are the only safe ones to get into

we stopped at the Salford Quays

across the water is Media City, the new home of BBC North

home of the Red Devils

so much merchandise!

I can't remember what this building was, but it's gorgeous so I had to take a picture!

After the tour we were feeling cold and a bit nippish so we went to KRO bar and took advantage of their 2.95 pound coffee and cake deal.

carrot cake and hot chocolate - perfect with all this chilly weather

Whew, this post has ended up being really long.  I’ll save the night events and what I’ve done so far this week for MBS Orientation for another post!




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