Woke up quite early today to finish packing up and to get to our coach at Heathrow that was to take us to Manchester Airport to be picked up by “Purple People”, who would send us on another coach to be dropped off at our dorms.  I basically slept for the vast majority of time on the coaches, and luckily was dropped off right next to an awaiting University of Manchester coach.  The purple people literally had purple t-shirts that read “PURPLE PERSON”, which I found pretty hilarious but didn’t bother taking a photo of.

Key collection and whatnot was pretty straightforward; finding my room was not, but somehow I managed.  When I opened my door I was so surprised.  My room is massive!  At least double the size of my room at home with a huge bay window at the far end of the room.  I absolutely love my room, it’s got so much storage space and even has a sink so I don’t have to venture out to the washrooms with morning breath and messy hair.

the view from my room

the view from my room

The building itself is definitely very old, I think it was founded in 1900 and the brick building’s architecture reflects its age, which I find charming.   The dining room is especially gorgeous, with high ceilings and massive windows framed by light green curtains, and is furnished in light coloured oak dining tables and chairs.  I’m so glad I chose a catered hall – no need to scramble for food, and I get to eat in this gorgeous room!

I did a Tesco/Lidl run with Debbie after I had dinner in the dining hall (nothing special about the food here) and bought some necessities like toothpaste and soap, as well as a little pot of bright yellow chrysanthemums to brighten up my room.

Getting around on the bus system tonight was horrible.  The transit system here in Manchester seems archaic, with multiple operators going the same routes so if you want to buy a bus pass, you can either buy one from a single operator and only use their busses, which hopefully run all the routes you need to take, or pay a ton for one that works on all operators’ buses.   I did a bunch of research (read: googled it) and decided on the Stagecoach bus pass, which was confirmed by Debbie to be the one recommended by the University itself.  So tomorrow I’ll go buy that and hopefully also set up a bank account as well as a phone contract.

Alright, bedtime!  Cheerio for now,



2 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. Hello Betty! I came across this post while trying to find pictures of Ashburne Hall, as I’m thinking of moving in their this September. I was hoping you could answer some questions I have about Ashburne Hall. Your room, was it in the ‘large’, or ‘standard’ category? I love the look of your bay windows. Also, I’m going to be coming to Manchester for my MA. Are there many other Post-graduate students in Ashburne Hall?

    Also, if you’re not too busy, could you send me a few more pictures of your room? Not necessary, but I’d love to get a better feel of the place I’ll be moving in to.

    Sorry to post this as a comment. You can write back to me on

    Thanks so much for this,
    Rajyashri Goody

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